About Healing

The healing approach covers an ancestral process, with so profound roots as the human existence. It is connected to the energy organizer principle – the power and intelligence that creates and moves life.

Its practice enables the natural adjustment of the energetic human field or aura – the dynamic whole of the physical, etherical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Each one of these dimensions includes several conscience areas with interrelated structures and functions weaved as a network, mostly invisible and silent.

The impact and meaning of healing show in the lived experience of each individual, in the contact with his own energy and essence, his body and aura, his thoughts and feelings. The whole process leads to inspire the human being to utter deeper and deeper levels of his own consciousness, freeing himself from his own energetic, mental and emotional blockages, creating at the same time new connections and new structures.

Healing is fundamentally associated with energy movement and is in touch with different areas of the human potential, as well as in the roots, the values and the beliefs of each individual.

For Isis, healing practice is rooted on three main pillars: on the profound link that can be established between the person, his energy and the Source; on the centering upon the heart chakra, that area of balance conjunction between heaven and earth; and on the expression of each individual essential quality, out of the Individuality area.

The methodology draws in meditations and exercises that allow the individual to connect with the thought and feeling movement over the polarity structure, the main and secondary chakras and other areas of the anatomy and physiology of the physical and subtle bodies.

The purpose of this method is to give the individual tools to access resources that will assist the integration of his physical and non-physical dimensions, express his quality and grasp his transformative potential with himself, with others and at the service of the collective.


Experiencing the healing practice

  • Sit down in a comfortable position, keeping your spine as upright as possible. In a relaxed way and trying to open yourself into your own energetic field (aura) and into your thoughts and feelings, start by bringing your consciousness to an area that lays more or less 35 to 40 cm above the top of your head, which corresponds to your Individuality point or essence. Relax and try to open up to whatever might come.
  • Thenceforth begin by coming slowly down through the right side of your aura until you reach a point at the right of your right foot. Relax there again and let your thoughts and feelings move freely. After that, let your consciousness go to the other side, that is to a point at the left of your left foot and relax again for a while. At last, circulate up through the left side of your energetic field reaching the starting point above your head.
  • A big triangle has been drawn in your aura. Repeat this circulation a couple of times, trying to relax always at each point, not getting attached to the shape, and allowing your sensations and experiences to be able to come through. Start then adding colors to your movements – a blue light going down the right side, a red light going under your feet and a green light going up the left side.
  • To end up with, let go the triangle circulation and center your consciousness on the heart chakra area. Relax, breathe and let come what might come.

This exercise can be done every day. In time, your practice will increasingly make you feel more “at home”. Enjoy it!