Bob Moore

Robert Samuel Moore was born in Ireland in 1928. He worked as an Electric Engineer until he became 46 years old. Then, he started dedicating himself to work with people. In 1976, already in Denmark and together with his wife Anni, he founded the Psykisk Center ApS – International Centre for Human Growth, where he taught until 2002.

Bob has worked in-depth with healing, meditation, spirituality and the impact of the subtle energy fields on people. He had the gift of seeing people’s aura and developed a methodology to apply his knowledge, creating a system of exercises to share this healing practice with his pupils.

Bob Moore died in 2008. His teachings were a source of inspiration to many people around the world.

“Bob Moore is a lively and profound source of strength, warmth and inspiration, not only to me and my work but also to my family and my life. Our relationship was nurtured by love, presence and honesty. My eternal gratitude.” Isis

The book “Conversations with Bob Moore” was translated by Elza Tamas and published by Scortecci publishing company in September, 2013. It was released in Brazil and in Portugal. The second edition is now available. To buy it, please contact LOGOS through [email protected].