Isis Pristed

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Isis works internationally with healing and has developed her knowledge for more than 40 years.

Isis graduated from Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil and has taken a master degree from Leeds University, England. She is a master and a member of the Faculty of Physiatrics in London and has received a diploma in Spiritual Healing from Psykisk Center, Denmark.

She was trained in several therapy approaches and chose to specialize in energy, healing and meditation studies. She also searches out the influence of subtle energy fields in the different dimensions of the individuals, of their relationships with others and of the collective – these are the basis for her professional practice.

She works with individuals, couples and groups, and also with organizations. Isis has an intense and precise way of seeing energy movements in the body and psyche as a whole.

Isis Pristed


Healing is a process that happens exactly as life, in fact by means of connections. These connections, acting as energetic networks, are related to several dimensions of the human being, and they are linked to different states of consciousness.

Isis work with healing is associated to health and education concepts as openness, transformation and integration of the human being conscience levels, sometimes disregarded or even unknown.

Its practice stimulates resources for the empowerment of the inborn individual spiritual quality, his vital physical and non-physical systems and his human and creative potential, being as such an essentially recuperative and inclusive practice.

With meditation, the work focuses on the consciousness, the polarity and the chakras balance, linked with breathing, with relaxation and with the use of sound, colors and symbols. And, with the help of energy circulation exercises, this method acts on the anatomy and physiology, among other systems, serving as an adjustment to the well-being of the individual and the collective.


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How to participate

The healing activities are open to everyone. They are intended for people who could like to experience and to study the healing meditation practices and to apply them personally and in their various areas of work.

The group work is done through different courses, retreats, seminars, monthly meetings, as well as open meditations and distance healing practice. Individual, couple and supervision work happen in person or by Skype. Since 2020, all group activities have been online using the Zoom platform. From 2022, they are partially in person and online.

In order to participate in any activity, even the free ones, previous registration and confirmation are necessary. The number of places is limited and tends to be filled quickly.

For further information, registration in groups or individual sessions with Isis Pristed, please communicate directly with the people who organize her work in the different States of Brazil or abroad. Detailed information can be found in Programme below.

Online and in Person Programme

Our online meetings are held via Zoom and will be indicated when in person. Click on the link below to register and to learn about our programme

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