Isis Pristed

About Isis

Isis was born in Salvador, Brazil and is the mother of three adult children. From her mother’s side she has roots in the countryside of Bahia, which gave her sensitivity for nature, a simple grounded way of being, together with a feeling for caring and sharing.

From a very early age her attention has been attracted to observe nature and to listen to people. From her father’s side she was drawn to fly – to look for wider horizons, other cultures and different ways of seeing, thinking and living life.

Isis studied and lived in London in the 70’s and 80’s. There she started her professional career connected to the growth of the “Human Potential Resources” movement. In 1976, together with Jenner Roth, Terry Cooper and Dianna Carruthers, she founded Spectrum, a centre committed to Humanistic Psychology development, still in activity today.

In London she worked closely with Anne Parks (Meditation and Intuitive Massage), David Boadella (Biosynthesis), Stanley Keleman (Formative and Somatic Psychology), Dianna Bechetti (Psychosynthesis), Gerda Geddes (Tai Chi Chuan) and Harold Klug (Osteopathy).

In 1977 she met Bob Moore, Irish healer and founder of the Psykisk Center in Denmark, with whom she shared her closest and longest work relationship for more than 30 years. With him she investigated the effect of the subtle energy fields on the psychological, physical and mental aspects of a person. It was then that she realized the potential of meditation and its effects on the mind and health of the human being.

Isis moved to Denmark where she engaged deeper in her work with healing, obtaining the diploma in Spiritual Healing from the Psykisk Center ApS – International Centre for Human Growth in 1986.

While living in Europe she came back to Brazil several times to work. She brought along some of her professional partners; in 1979, Jenner Roth and Terry Cooper, in 1980, David Boadella and in 1987, she ministered healing workshops with Bob Moore in Salvador-BA.

In the following year Isis moved back to Salvador. In Brazil people from different backgrounds were soon attracted to her knowledge, sensitivity and work dedication, gathering around her and building up a new network.

In 1999 in Salvador-BA, together with Karl Erik da Silva Pristed, she founded LOGOS – Centre for Study and Practice of Energy, Development and Human Integration, as a “home” for the healing activities. From 2008 onwards she overtook the full leadership of the centre and from 2017 changed its name to LOGOS – International Centre for Human Development. In 2022 the house was sold after been closed for nearly three years with the pandemic situation.

For more than 45 years Isis has been working with people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. She has developed her own way of teaching, based on how energy, meditation and healing act on the individual, between people and in a collective dimension. She keeps on refining her understanding of healing and professional practice, working in different parts of Brazil and in several European countries. During the pandemic Isis started working online and since 2022 is maintaining her activities partially in person and online.